Diaspora Black reviewed in Article by Folha Uol

It’s been quite a while that I have been traveling as a way to connect with myself and people, to learn more about diverse cultures and my own identity. Inspired by this love, I’ve been building a career path alongside and promoting experiences with a network of agents and guides around the world. 

I am happy today with an important article published at Folha Uol on line news about our network’s enterprise  the Diaspora Black which I am very proud of being part of since its beggining.

The Black Travel movemnt is a growing phenomena with which we’ve been growing as we’ve been learning together. If you would like to learn more and hear more about, understanding the ways we are part of it and how we create positive impact while traveling you could reach out to me and Christina Belloge from Melanin Travel to hear more about what we’ve been building up in our personal trajectories.

Much has been shared and experienced withing trips and travelers from all over the world and we have a lot to contribute with this rising diasporic routes around the globe.

I would like to introduce you to some guides of my network in Brasil and here present in this article on line a brief presentation of the accomodation’s and travel hub: Afroturismo e hospedagem para negros ganha plataforma – 15/09/2022 – Folha Social+ – Folha (uol.com.br)

Please let me know if you need any assistance on opening the article. This is one of those big news site filled with blockers and also posted on my blog.

Conscious Entrepreneurship


We are living a time of extreme inequality and an increase on small businesses led by individuals in detriment of governmental institutions of public interest.

The consequences are the disproportionate offer of non-essential services to essential public services, increasing the offer for products, lowering wages, decreasing employment opportunities, increasing social inequality.

Individuals have an increasing tendency for consuming stuff rather than developing healthy life habits consequently businessess reflect the same, offering more consumer goods rather than services that promote well being and social change.

We are already “picking the fruits” of an individualistic society, with higher level of greed and hate, while mental and physical health face a chronic crises. For the most part, individual entrepreneurship stimulates competition instead of collaboration therefore our society will face more challenges imposed by capitalism, since we still are devided. Can you imagine the consequences on a longer term if this patern prevails and persists? How can we promote change with our businessess and individual actions and life style?

Conscious travel requires a mind shift that fortunately is already a tendency but we still have a long way to go until we change habits and turn tendency into massive praxis for environmental and social change. My invite as a cultural entrepreneur is for you who wants to be part of that change, to get to know people like me and like the other guides with whom I work with, to hear our stories and experience our way of life in order to support on our work and to help us do more for the benefit of our society.

I speak from an educational standpoint and I develop my life activities playing an activist role, investing my background on social change, what reflects back on the way I do business.

Unfortunately, businessess which only have a consumer-good appeal, without social responsibility, still attract more clients who are willing to spend high sums of money on resorts of big hotel, expensive restaurant chains, top visited touristic attractions, and imported wine. On a time of scarcity, high levels of chemical addiction, and emotional vulnerability, these consumer behaviors are still the norm instead of supporting local family owned businessess that generate income for communities. Up to this moment the “big players” are the winners of the game and society pays the higher fees to big corporations. When will we be able to change ourselves to turn the tables, and turn the game to our side? Let’s flip the board together and create our own rules. Money is not the change. Love is key.

It’s difficult to change the world when many are worried about their own families’ health and futures; When our understanding of family is restricted to our family ties. Although that’s not stopping us from trying. From our very ancestry we are both resilient and resolute, and as business leaders who share a vision for a better future we would do well to encourage those characteristics and to enable our idealist ambitions, in every way possible, for an egualitarian society.

Yes, you may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one!

Conscious Travel Label

Travel Local Video Campaign

Our partners from Viare Travel / São paulo – BR/ and TravelLocal / Bristol-UK/, invited me to take part on this collaborative video representing Rio de Janeiro. They are promoting a travel campaign pulling up Shakespeare’s quotes adapted to the time we’ve been living with COVID-19.

Thanks for the opportunity to participate! Watch it now! It is lovely!

Launching Rio’s Audioguide at VOICEMAP APP!

Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic in Brasil, we had to cease our work as tour guides and reinvent ourselves. I came up with the idea to create the audio guided tour of the “Little Africa Black History Walk in Rio de Janeiro”.

And today I come here to announce with great pleasure that after many months of hard work having to learn and deal with the nuts and bolts of producing a professional sound recording, I finally finished the work, with the technical support of @myvoicemap team from South Africa.

I invite you to come with me on this trip and check this audio guided tour at VOICEMAP app. We are simply launching the first experience from Rio de Janeiro on the platform and guess what? With an out-of-the-beatten-path experience, which I hope will inspire you to come and meet me in person for a walking tour, in the Port Area.

Download “Rio de Janeiro’s Little Africa: A Black History Tour through Gamboa” on VOICEMAP APP from your Playstore. On your phone, hit play and follow the guidelines. Keep in mind that together, with our community of guides, we are willing to share their stories and connect with you in person, offering a deeper experience on these sites as soon as travel get back to normal again.

Audio guides are amazing tools to tell stories and connect travelers with their destinations even before their arrival. We use the art of storytelling to engage the audience and their imagination, stimulating them to visit the destinations afterwards. Now you can start traveling from home. Audio guides can also be used to inform visitors on the go. I am currently campaigning to spread the word of this version of the experience that I have been developing as a tour guide in Rio since 2013.

About our first audio guided experience

There is a “Little Africa” in Rio de Janeiro that is still Unknown for most people. Embark on your discovery on a Black historic walk through the African Heritage Route, visiting sensitive sites of memory such as the samba cradle of Pedra do Sal, the New Blacks memorial cemetery or the Valongo Wharf, the UNESCO World Heritage Site for the Transatlantic Slave Trade, where millions of Africans arrived from the XVII to the XIX centuries.

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The Rio Encantos Black History Walk and Street Art in Rio de Janeiro

Rio EnCantos is a FIT Tour Company in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. We are a network of guides, local businesses, and partner agencies passionate by Brasil’s Enchantments and its African and indigenous legacies. Our goal is to ensure that clients, partners, and visitors have the best experiences in Brasil. Our mission is to make sure your entire trip runs smoothly and you enjoy your moments, being in Rio, São Paulo, Amazon, Minas Gerais or Bahia, just to mention a few of the 16 destinations where we have connections.

Rio Encantos Experiences comply with the following criteria:

  • One-of-a-kind immersive experiences curated for travelers interested on our African heritage
  • They are hosted by passionate local insiders
  • They are qualitative and authentic with cultural aspects 
  • Guests participate and are immersed
  • They tell unique stories to the travelers /visitors from a local’s perspective
  • They share cultural knowledges 
  • They create meaningful memories
  • They have an intimate group size or private tour
  • They respect local communities and ecosystems
  • They engage and create connections
  • In Person or Online (interactive)


  • Name of the experience: Black History Walk and Street Art in Rio de Janeiro
  • Type of experience (traditional or online; group size or private): online virtual tour
  • Group size: 1 – 20 people
  • Duration: 1 – 1:30h
  • Think of locals, culture, communities, activities, or locations that are hard to get access to or that you’re personally connected to.  
    • Intro: Welcome to Rio de Janeiro and Praça Mauá. My name is Kelly Tavares and I will guide you through the Little Africa and its colorful streets, the place where I was born. This virtual art tour will take you to a dope street art hub that is highly frequented by locals. The Port Area is full of secrets of a hidden history that once uncovered, can tell the forgotten stories of a fascinating part of the city. This is a key tour to understanding Brazilian people and culture through its thriving street art.
  • Overview of what to expect during your experience (50 words minimum) 
    • Description: I will tell you a little bit about the history of the port and its role on the slave trade, its art movements, and urban changes. This route is about Brazilian Street Art and its African roots. It highlights works of local artists, archaeological sites and how they’re deeply connected with who we are as Brazilians.
    • Here you will hear about resilience, historic figures that helped to built up our wealth on the fields of dance, music, art, and culture in general.
  • Highlights of what your experience is about, and what makes it original (50 words minimum)
    • As an ally of local artists and guides for the Black legacy experiences in Rio I curated a street art walk that will offer a great overview of different art exponents from current and past times, pin pointing events that made the docks of Rio a fruitful open air gallery for street artist from all over the world to gather and create.
  • Description in details of the experience, what guests will do (50 words minimum) 
    • We will meet in front of the MAR Museum in Praça and have a brief overview from its past tendencies to current trends on street art. We will stroll through the docklands of Rio learning about its role on the slave trade and the decay of the infamous market. The ports ascension and decay and its gentrification waves.
    • Through urban settings to art on the streets we will hear about dreams that light up and fade. The area of constant changes and remodeling hosts the Tomorrow Museum, public art, approximately 2 miles of colorful murals, and the Guinness Book spray paint from artist Eduardo Kobra;
  • The 3 main reasons to book your experience (detailed, 50 characters minimum)
    • Out off the beaten path art hubs;
    • Guided by local expert guides who are artists educator;
    • Connect with a local resident and art specialist;
  • As much information as possible that could be useful for your potential guests.
    • To arrive at our meeting point you may get an uber or the metro and drop at Cinelândia Station to take the Light Vehicle over Track (VLT) all the way to the Museums’ Stop (Parada dos Museus) in Praça Mauá (Prasa Mawa)
  • 4 to 6 Quality photos in landscape mode only (less than 1MB) to showcase your experience and give a taste of what your experience is about. 
  • Dates, Time and place for your experience will be announced on our social media and performed on line or in loco in different times of the week.
  • Type of tickets (adult, general admission…) + prices We offer family ticket discount
  • FAQs
  • Your Terms and Conditions specific to this experience. Here things like: All the reasons for which you will not give a refund in case a customer asks, You may not welcome guests who do not have good behavior (disrespectful…); Reasons why you might cancel the experiences, How you operate in case of bad weather, religious holidays for example…
  • Cancellation policies

I work with community cultural management for the benefit of democratic practices, nurturing environments in which programming is conceived with and for the social and creative development.

Arts Licentiate at Federal University of Espirito Santo, in 2007 and M.A. in Arts Management, University of Oregon, USA, 2011.